Instander for iOS (v16.0) – How to Download on iPhone/IOS Devices? [2024]

Before getting to an answer you should know that Apk (extension) is meant to drive for Android devices. APK is abbreviated as “Android Package Kit” on the other hand IPA is an “iOS AppStore Package”. Moreover, you can’t download anything through Safari to your iPhone.

But, where there’s a will there’s a way! You can download Instander for IOS through Impactor, this allows you to install apps that aren’t authorized by Apple. Even more, you have hardly seen any IPA files because restrictions from Apple are strict they don’t want 3rd party apps to infect viruses or reduce the performance of iDevices. Since there is no official instander for iPhones this is only the way.

Please note that it’s important to exercise caution when installing third-party applications and only download from trusted sources and don’t forget to learn how to install instander IOS in iPhones.

How to download Instander For iOS

  1. Download Impactor

    Cydia for iPhone and Altstore for macOS

  2. Then, download the Instander IPA file from below

  3. Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

  4. Drag and drop the IPA file into the impactor.

  5. Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

  6. Go to the file manager, select IPA’s, and click on the Instander IPA file.

  7. If a message appears stating that the installation of unknown apps is blocked, go to Settings -> General, and click on the Trust button.

  8. Finally, tap on Install to complete the installation process.

  9. Before starting the iOS Instander, don’t forget to delete Instagram from your iPhone

Please note that it’s important to exercise caution when installing third-party applications and only download from trusted sources.

Is it Safe to Use IPA Files on an iPhone?

Installing IPA files on your iPhone can pose potential security risks. IPA files are not thoroughly vetted like apps from the official App Store. There’s a risk of malware, viruses, or unauthorized access to your device’s data. Apple’s stringent App Store review process aims to ensure app safety, but IPA files sidestep this protection. It’s safer to stick to trusted sources and the App Store to avoid compromising your device’s security.

Apple’s Stance on Installing IPA Files:

Apple does not officially endorse or recommend the installation of IPA files. The company emphasizes downloading apps exclusively from the App Store, where apps undergo rigorous screening. Installing IPA files bypasses Apple’s security measures and can lead to potential risks, including voiding warranty or device malfunction. It’s advised to adhere to Apple’s guidelines and prioritize the safety of your iPhone.

So, I don’t think so downloading “instander for ios” is a good idea but yeah you can try for short period usage.

Apple’s Stance


Features are the same whether you are accessing the IPA file or APK file. The small overview of features is as follows:

instander ios

Filters and effects




Saved Posts

follow and unfollow

Follow and unfollow users

Download Photos/Reels

instander ios

The most prominent thing that makes instander unique from Instagram is the downloading choice. You are eligible to download your favorite reels and photos on mobile, and videos in a few seconds. Forget the in-app save option!

Media in Instander for IOS

The most irritating thing nowadays is if you click high-resolution pictures and share them on your respected social media platform but are unable to fully upload them with clicked resolution. You lose pixels because every app has a constraint. You can upload images of specific pixels. But in Instander, it allows you to upload at max quality same is the case of videos (eligible to upload max resolution videos).

Ghost Mode

instander for ios

Ghost mode helps you to provide a super privacy feature. For instance,

  • It lets you disable typing status, so the receiver will never get an indication that when are you typing any message
  • You can view other’s stories without letting them know.
  • Disable read status, the receiver will be unable to see when you see his/her message.

You can use all these attributes through ghost mode.

Developer Mode

instander for ios

The developer mode and its options are the most important part of features. Developer mode allows you to change in-app settings. You can customize almost the whole app. One can disable annoying ads, change the reel border, left-swipe to enter to message section, and also disable videos auto-play.

Privacy Control

instander for ios

In spite of ghost mode, there are other privacy options that are useful.

Using the Instander for IOS enables easy stalking by allowing you to view stories and messages without the other person’s knowledge or acknowledgment. It is important to be cautious as someone may be using this app to monitor your activities too. The app also allows you to hide your snooper from your stories. However, it is essential to be mindful of the potential harm and violation of privacy that could result from using such an application.

For individuals like celebrities or full-time gamers who may be targeted by toxic people, the app offers options to limit the audience of their posts, including live videos and stories. Disabling chats is also possible. It is important to prioritize the well-being of others and seek help and support from trustworthy sources, such as law enforcement if needed.

Is There Any Official Instander for iOS?

 No, instander isn’t available for the iOS platform. After hearing this you might be upset, indeed it’s a splendid Instagram clone version you are missing from your iOS devices. Also, you can download it for Android devices from our site.

Moving to our discussion, commonly APK versions are developed by 3rd party developers. Apk is not from official makers that’s why sometimes it doesn’t launch on both Android and iOS at once.

The alternative of Instander iOS:

You can’t get all the features that are possessed by instander but if you are only interested in downloading images and videos from Instagram then 4K Stogram and SCrwaler would be your better choice. Both aren’t available for iOS but if you have access to a Mac device you can use it.

4k Stogram:


4K Stogram is a downloader for Instagram compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux. The application will allow you to download and back up Instagram photos and videos, even from private accounts.

Download 4k Stogram:


instander for ios

An Application that can download photos and videos from Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the handy tools to use.

Download SCrawler:

How to Get Instander for PCs?

Mainly in today’s era, people are more towards mobile applications. LDPlayer is the agent that will make you allow to use Instander on your PCs. There is another method that is slow but effective you can fully use Instander on Windows. Visit the following link to learn the steps; Instander PC

Information Tibit:

For Readers, who want to investigate the difference between APK and IPA Files in depth.

What is an APK file?

If you ever owned an Android device, you must have heard about apk. At first, you might have thought; what do these files do?

It is a file format used by Android to administer and install apps. It contains all the elements to get installed on an Android device. Moreover, apk is an archive file; it has multiple files along with their metadata of them.

For instance, Archive files like zip, combine multiple files into one and compress them to save space.

What is an IPA File?

IPA file is a file format similar to apk files. IPA is only used in IOS devices (iPad and iPhone). Inside the IPA file; it contains the payload folder and iTunes media (if intended to download from AppStore).

You cannot run IPA files in Windows (you can only extract files using a DMG extractor). Also, in many cases, you can’t run an IPA file even on a Mac (often). IPA file uses binaries that are distinct for IOS. Also “instander download ios file” can only be run through jailbreak on iPhone.

To download the latest version of Instander for Android please follow this link: Instander Apk


Yes, Instander gets time-to-time updates even it releases more updates than other of its competitor.

Yes, there’s a risk of being banned from Instagram when using third-party mods like Instander APK. Instagram actively monitors for unauthorized access and usage of modified apps.

While using modified apps like Instander IPA may not necessarily be illegal, it does violate Instagram’s terms of service. Instagram can take action against accounts using third-party apps that violate their policies.

Instander offers media downloads, themes, privacy options, story anonymity, reposting, likes visibility, comment copying, DM enhancements, and potential ad-blocking.

Final Words

I have shared all the possible techniques or software to access Instander for different devices except Instander for IOS. For me, AeroInsta is better than Instander APK it is closer to Instagram and shares the same features that Instander APK offers. Instander apk crashes a lot especially when you apply a new setting in developer mode. Moreover, the instander is developed by a Ukrainian developer therefore there are possibilities that the instander hardly gets proper updates.

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