Instander for PC – Download v16.0 for Windows [2024]

We usually love to use most of many applications on our smartphones due to fast access and we can execute commands at our fingertips. But sometimes we need their desktop access or maybe in an emergency we are required to get the work done. Instander is a popular app designed to enjoy additional features that are missing on Instagram. Moreover, Instander is an APK application, which means it is developed only to run on Android devices.

So, is there any instander for PC or IOS? Yes, you can download instander for windows on your devices but there is no official version for PCs. It is nearly impossible to use the instander apk on IOS through any kind of third-party app. But there is a trick through which you can get Instander APK for PC. 

NOTE: Before downloading don’t forget to learn how to install this file into your PCs.

How to get Instander for PC?

Using Blue Stack

To install Instander on the window you need to download an Android emulator first which will help you to execute Android applications and we are going to choose Blue Stack as an Android emulator. But keep in mind that Android emulators make Android applications run slowly. Anyhow follow these steps to download Instander for pc.

  1. Install Blue Stack

  2. Set Up Blue Stack

  3. Download the file of unclone version of instander on blue stack

  4. Now you are ready to use instander on windows

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Using Nox

Getting Instander on your PC is super easy. You can enjoy all the cool new features of Instander without spending a dime. First things first, log in with your account details. Once you're in, just click those three lines at the top of your profile page to access Instander's settings. Feel free to tweak the settings according to your liking. This app brings some fresh stuff to the table, like sharing photos and videos and waving goodbye to those pesky ads.

Here's how you do it step by step:

  1. Get Nox – It's super simple, no sweat.
  2. Install Nox – Just do what they tell you, easy peasy.
  3. Start Nox – Give it a little tap to kick things off.
  4. Find the Google Play Store on the main screen – You can't miss it, right there waiting.
  5. Open the Google Play Store and sign in with your Google account – Piece of cake!
  6. Hunt for Instander on your computer – Type it in and hit the search button.
  7. Tap "Download" – Once it's done, Nox will handle the rest.
  8. Got the game's apk file on your PC? No problem! Drag and drop it into Nox. Then tap on the file, and done – it's installing!

Alternative to Instander for PC:

As I told you before that blue stack makes the application slow. If your goal is only to download images from Instagram and at the same time you don’t want to get irritated by Bluestack's slow speed. Download the following app and you will not be required to install Blue Stack and instander for windows

4k Stogram:

instander for pc

4K Stogram is a downloader for Instagram compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux. The application will allow you to download and back up Instagram photos and videos, even from private accounts. After using this app you might don't need instander pc


instander for pc

An Application to download photos and videos from Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram.

Download sCrwaler and 4K stogram


  • Download Pictures And Videos
  • Better Privacy Control than Instagram
  • Stories And Post-Control
  • Ghost Mode
  • By developer mode disable/enable accessibilities
  • Upload images/videos in maximum quality
  • Discover Same Accounts

Download Pictures, Videos, and Stories

instander pc

One of the standout features of Instander for PC is the ability to download pictures, stories, and videos. This feature allows users to save any Instagram story to their phone's gallery with just a few clicks. Routine Instagram users can't save other users' stories without taking screenshots, which isn't always handy.

Super Privacy in Instander Windows

instander for pc

Easily view stories and read messages without letting others know. It's kind of like sneaking around with the Instander PC; you can sneakily explore Instander and see for yourself. Oh, and guess what? I can keep certain peepers away from my stories, so you should watch out. Maybe your crush or even your buddy might use Instander to keep an eye on you.

What's more, you can decide who gets to watch your live videos and see all your stories. Pretty cool, right?

Now, if you're a famous person or a super dedicated gamer and you're tired of all those mean folks spreading bad vibes and making your day gloomy, this app has your back. You can simply ignore them by choosing "Selected" or "Everyone" in the post settings, or you can just shut down the whole chat if you want to take a break from the noise. So go ahead, take control of your Instander world.

Ghost Mode

instander for pc

Hide Read Status

This apk also allows users to hide read status. This feature is specifically useful for people who don't want others to know when they have seen their messages. Usual users can't turn off the read status on Instagram.

Hide your view on other's Stories

You can hide your identity or more particularly your view shall not be seen by the story handler.

Disable Typing Indication:

If you are a busy person and take more time in replying or you just don't want others to see you when you are typing this feature is for you.

Upload Images/Videos in Max-Quality

I had seen many friends complaining about the loss of pixels when they uploaded their images on Instagram or Facebook. So, if you have a high-end camera and worry about your pixel loss then instander for pc has a solution for you. You can upload both videos and images in maximum quality.

Same Accounts In Instander PC

instander for pc

I'm a bit puzzled, wondering if I'll be able to discover the exact same accounts on Instander that I find on Instagram. And you know what? The answer is yes! You'll actually come across the very same accounts and pages on Instander as you do on Instagram. It's pretty cool because Instander is basically just like Instagram, but it comes with some extra features and stuff that make it even more awesome. So, no worries, you're in for a familiar experience with a little something extra when you use Instander instead of Instagram.

Ads Free

instander for windows

As time goes on, social media apps are adding more and more ads. Once in a while, you might stumble upon an interesting blog among them, but those are quite rare – maybe just one in a hundred. To make things better, you have the option to disable ads in Instander windows. By doing this, you can wave goodbye to all those sponsors and ads promoting scholarships that pop up. So, you'll have a smoother and ad-free experience with Instander Apk

Developer mode

instander for pc

Instander pc comes with several cool features, and among them, the most important one is the developer mode. This special mode in Instander lets you tinker with lots of settings right inside the app. For instance, you can make Instander display a progress bar, show a preview in the tray, get rid of those pesky ads, and a whole bunch of other stuff too. So, with this developer mode, you're empowered to customize your Instander experience in some really nifty ways. It's like having a toolbox for making Instander work just the way you like it!


Yes, it has some issues, particularly when accessing the comment section and applying new settings through developer mode.

Officially there is no instander for Windows, we execute instander via blue stack on Windows. So, their features are the same.

As it isn't compatible with PC, I believe it will run slow and you will encounter more crashes as compared to the default platform.

Yes, I have discussed some method if a person don't want to download this apk and just wanted the pictures and videos. Use 4K stogram!

To download the latest version of Instander for Android please follow this link: Instander Apk


In summary, our smartphone world is filled with apps that make life fast and easy, with commands at our fingertips. Sometimes we need those apps on our desktops or in emergencies. Instander is a popular app that adds extra features missing in Instagram. Keep in mind, though, Instander is an Apk app made solely for Android devices.

Now, if you're wondering about Instander for PC or IOS; well, here's the scoop. There's no official Instander for Windows or IOS. Trying to use the Instander apk on IOS is quite a challenge and third-party apps might not help. However, don't lose hope! There's a clever trick to get Instander apk on your PC.

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