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Updated on22 Jan, 2024

Download Instander APK Latest Version for Android

People love sharing their wonderful and unique moments, some really want others to know about where they are heading, and excited ones delight to share their creative or hilarious videos. But what if you are unable download to those hilarious and creative videos and images? Nowadays, the most easy-to-go app for memers, photographers, and limited content creators is Instagram. Here comes Instander APK!

Instander Apk is a modified version of Instagram where you can directly download videos and images, enjoy ads free content. Moreover, it helps you to customize whole app through developer options accoridng to your likings. Evenmore the ghost mode in instander lets you go anonymous; you can hide view on stories, hide “seen stauts” in chat, and able to remove ” liked posts”.

History of Social Media Platforms

Facebook was a popular platform where people love to share about their traveling, foods, and important moments. At that time, Instagram was present but wasn’t that popular and had all the proper features that Facebook was equipped with.

Soon, when Instagram started getting popular, it was bought by Metaverse ( which owned Facebook, WhatsApp, and now Instagram). Now meta build Instagram is capable of accommodating all types of content. For instance, IGTV wasn’t present before or you could hardly upload a 10-second video. Now Instagram offers you to upload between 3 seconds and 10 minutes in length (60 minutes for selected accounts). Also, images posted on Instagram get 23% more engagement; Source – SoicalPilot

What is Instander Apk?

Instander APK works like a special key that unlocks extra goodies on Instagram. You know those moments when you really like a cool picture or video, but regular Instagram won’t allow you to save it? Well, Instander is here to rescue you! With Instander, you can easily save the images and videos you love. And let me tell you about IGTV videos – they’re usually inaccessible, but not with Instander.

But wait, there’s more! With Instagram’s new Reels feature, things get even more thrilling. Instander lets you enjoy Reels to the max, taking your Instagram adventure up a notch. So, if you’ve been longing for more from Instagram, Instander Mod APK is the secret tool you’ve been eagerly waiting for. It’s like having your own superpower for a better Instagram journey, much like how the naxeex superhero apk is a game of superpowers.

Instander Apk Review

I, myself, use this application and the application does a fine job. I have noticed crash issues while accessing the comment section and applying the new settings via developer mode. Furthermore, it has remarkable features which are more than enough for an Instagram user.

With additional features, it is like you are using Instagram with all the perfection. You can download videos, and images, enable ghost mode ( which is a super feature), use gesture controls, and last but not least “quality improvement”.

So, the Instander apk mod is like using a super Instagram with zero restrictions over user accessibility. Lastly, it gets frequent updates as compared to other mod versions of Instagram

Why Download Instander APK?

There are many things you can’t get on Instagram but you wish to use those features. Firstly it gets access to download images. Sometimes we wanted to download any video but we were unable to. We can only save that image!  Videos have the same case, IGTV is here; we still can’t get our hands on videos. Moreover, after the introduction of reels to Instagram downloading would be more fun. The reel is just a worthy section!

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About The Instander App

Experience the ultimate social experience online by downloading the latest version of the Instander today. This updated release includes all unlocked features, as well as bug fixes and updates from its previous version. Please note that being an Instamod, you won’t find this app listed on the Play Store due to restrictions. However, you can still access it by following the provided link.

Difference between Clone & UnClone

Both of these apps were developed by the same developer and they have the same features. The only difference is the package’s name, which enables us to install two Insta mods in a single Android phone.

Clone Apk

Allows you to install it next to the official app. It has a different icon and package name.

UnClone Apk

It comes with com.insta package name, and in order to achieve a successful output, the original Instagram app must be uninstalled beforehand.

Bugs And Fixes in Instander Apk


  • Added Monet theme for Android 12+;
  • Added disabling the Monet theme;
  • Fixed Feed loading on some devices;
  • Fixed Reels download button;
  • Fixed Alte & Hoefler New fonts;
  • Raised the target SDK to 33.


  • Feeds don’t load up
  • DM section keeps getting stuck
  • Crashes issue
  • Sometimes no download option comes up

SOLUTION: Download or downgrade to Instander v16 because these aren’t temporary until the update comes.

Instander APK Old Versions:

Sometimes it isn’t beneficial to update to the newer version of the app because of the immense amount of bugs and glitches. So, users search for previous versions until the apps get stable. Our platform offers a wide selection of old versions, ensuring that our users can easily access and download the exact version they desire. Just click on the button to open the all old versions.

To download more old versions just go to the old versions page by clicking on this download button:

Fascinating Features:

Although, I have mentioned what you will get after downloading this wonderful apk. Let’s shed light on the full package that Instander is offering:

  1. Downloading Images and Videos
  2. Privacy Control
  3. Ghost Mode
  4. No regular advertisement.
  5. Misc
  6. Media and UI/UX
  7. Discover same accounts

Download Pictures and Videos

instander apk

IGTV, now reels are one of the entertaining features which Instagram is equipped with. But, in the original app only save reels or videos to the App (insta). Instander apk gives access to download igtv’s video and reels which is one of my favorite features.

Media And UI/UX

instander apk

You will be amazed to see the astounding UX/UI of the Instander apk when you first access it. Besides UI/UX, now you can upload your high-definition pictures and stories. Instagram users can feel the pain when they click tens of high-pixel images and they won’t be able to upload those pictures. Moreover, I forgot to tell you, that you need to first enable “Photos in max quality” in order to upload your high-resolution images. Yeah! you can upload both reels and videos in maximum quality

Ghost Mode

There are 3 important features that ghost mode possesses;

instander apk
  • Disable Typing Indication:

Ghost mode lets you disable typing status while writing or typing a message to anyone in the Instander app.

  • Hiding View on Stories:

If you want to see someone’s stories but you don’t want others to perceive your view then this application is best for you.

  • Hide Read Status

Not good at responding instantly? Neither you want to hurt someone by this act nor do you easily get attracted to content and forget to reply. “Hide read status” is meant for you. Moreover, it is helpful, if you are running a business account.

Privacy Control

instander apk

Stories and Post-Control

View stories and read messages without someone’s acknowledgment. Yes, stalking is easy with this apk it lets you stalk easily; explore Instander and you will get to know. Also, I can hide snooper from my stories so be careful, may be your target or your partner also use the Instander apk to restrict you. Moreover, you can allow specific people to watch your live video (Including all stories). 

If you are a celebrity or a full-time gamer and badly worried about toxic people who are born to spread negativity and make you stressed out then through this application you can ignore them by tapping either; “Selected”, or “Everyone” from the post setting or also, you can disable the whole chat. 

Advertisement Free

instander apk

Day by day social media apps are increasing advertisements in their apps. Sometimes you get your interesting blog in ads but it is hardly one in a hundred. You can disable ads in Instander Apk to get rid of sponsors and advertised scholarships.


instander apk

Cropping stories, disabling autoplay videos, and getting stories in full screens are little attributes that are useful or sometimes you need to use. These accessibilities are worthwhile for users when using applications like Instagram.

Discover Same Accounts

instander apk

Puzzled about whether I be able to discover the same account on Instander which is present on Instagram. So, yes you will be able to discover the same account and same pages which are present on Instagram. Instander is the same as Instagram along with extra attributes.

Instander Developer Options

instander apk

Despite having a number of great features, it has the most important attribute which is developer mode in Instander. This can allow you to change many in-app settings. For example; force the instander to show the progress bar, show Preview In Tray, disable ads, and many more.


Yes, you can upload HQ Images and Videos.

It is a safe and secure application but downloads it from a safe site.

Yes, it takes some time to reach the equivalent of an official IG.

No, it doesn’t but if the system asks you to remove it, just delete it.

Yes, all the features are the same instead it gives you more options and choices. But little app quality (UI) is compromised.

Yes, they both are the same with different names.

How to Download Instander APK Latest Version 17.2?

  1. Download Button

    Click the download button above to start downloading:

  2. Wait!

    If downloading begins directly, wait for downloading. Click the downloaded app then it will download to your system.

  3. If Doesn’t Work

    For instance, if it doesn’t get downloaded, enable “download from unknown source” from mobile settings.

  4. If Virus arises

    Unfortunately, if the system doesn’t allow you to download the ” instander apk” because of a virus, uninstall it; download it from this site instead of Telegram.

Final Words

Instander Apk is like a tool for one of the most modern applications; Instagram. Furthermore, it contains all useful attributes which are not available on Instagram. In addition, bugs and glitches can appear while using the application but don’t worry! keep checking new versions around the internet. 

I don’t guarantee that you will feel the same quality as Instagram while using this app as 3rd party developers have developed it.

Finally, I will not restrict you from downloading from this site if you are facing virus issues ( we will try our best to upload files that are free from malicious sub-files). Moreover, I have seen many terms like “instander apk download xyz website“, Another website can be a trusted site but you can trust us too as we are well aware of virus issues, and don’t let you endanger your device.

Share with your friends if you have a better experience with our site. Still, if you face any problem comment below to specify that problem with a proper explanation and screenshot.

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