Is Instander Safe? – User Reviews and Developer’s Guideline

Instander isn’t owned by any reputed organization and it is an APK application that is developed by a third-party developer. So, many users doubt its credibility. Users after noticing the variety of amazing Instander’s features only had one question, “is it even legit”, “Is there a chance of getting banned from original Instagram?” or “Is Instander safe to use?”

Yes, Instander is completely safe to use and download unless downloaded from a safe source. I have checked from Netguard that “thedise” (developer of the app) has access to instander but access is only for the updates. Furthermore, if you don’t want to share access to the app of your camera, gallery, or mail the app will ask at the beginning whether you want to give access to the application. So, it’s a relief you aren’t required to permit access for general use.

Android apps are open source which supports 3rd party libraries and so does instander. These third-party libraries are extracted from packages without scrutiny. So, there are chances that it can get an easy cyber attack, better to not share your very personal information.

Developer’s Guideline over “Is instander safe for use?”

Instander is developed by thedise” and indeed hardly people know them so that is why there are lots of questions about credibility.

They have no such guidelines that restrict you from using this app. So, for questions Is instander safe? or “is there a chance of getting banned from original Instagram?” yes, it is completely safe to use and has had no chance of getting banned until now. 

Also, somehow if you find any difficulty you can contact and get the support of “thedise”. Their contacts and support are available on their homepage. (Currently, support is not working).

Instander’s Users Reviews:

I by myself used instander but it wasn’t a prolonged use. Moreover, it is better to consider reviews from a bunch of people it will make you satisfied and help you to make a decision easily.

That’s why I have gathered some reviews.

is instander safe
A question by user


Is instander safe

If you want to download from an error-free and virus-free platform download from here – Instanderapk.

is instander safe

They are all authentic users who have used the Instander APK. I hope you will now know, whether “is instander safe to download?”

Instander vs Other Apps:

I will recommend you instander over other instamod. Nearly, it has all the features you want, including viewing pictures in max quality and downloading photos, videos, and reels. Also, it is faster than regular Instagram and they release constant updates.

More Asked Questions

No, you can’t view private account details from instander.

Yes, downloading the instander app from unknown links can be harmful.

In today’s world, everything can get hacked or there can be a security break so I will suggest you not trust 100% of your personal information.


I have seen many people searching terms like “Is Instander safe or not” and “Where to download safe APK of Instander?”, indeed People are confused and looking for a trusted platform to download Instander safely. So, the thing that makes us unique from others is that we are offering developer guides and reviews from users and letting you decide.

To download the latest and safest version of Instander APK please follow this link: Instander Apk

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