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Updated onAug 20, 2023

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Once, Facebook was the go-to for sharing travel, food, and special moments. Instagram, less known then, lacked similar features. Over time, Metaverse, owner of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, acquired Instagram. Today’s Instagram, evolved under Metaverse, hosts diverse content like IGTV and extended videos, even trendy reels.

Aeroinsta APK lets you capture and share unique moments. It enables downloading, enhancing your experience. Previously, Instagram lacked features like IGTV and long videos. Metaverse’s ownership transformed Instagram, offering diverse content options. Now, Aeroinsta empowers you to explore extended video lengths and trendy reels, enriching your interactions on this dynamic platform.

What is Aeroinsta Apk?

Aeroinsta APK offers a wonderful way to capture and share unique moments that hold a special place in our lives. It adds an exciting twist by allowing you to download content, making your experience even better. Back in the day, Instagram didn’t have features like IGTV or the option for longer videos. But things changed when Metaverse took the reins, the same folks behind Facebook and WhatsApp. With their guidance, Instagram transformed into a hub of diverse content, giving you more choices.

One of the coolest changes is how Instagram now lets you upload videos ranging from 3 seconds to a whopping 10 minutes (or even 60 minutes for some accounts). And the trendiness of reels, those snappy video snippets, led Instagram to dedicate a whole section to them.

Enter Aeroinsta, where possibilities expand. You can explore longer videos and the charm of reels, diving into a world of enriched digital interactions. Aeroinsta mirrors the evolution of our desire to capture and share life’s special moments in a whole new way.

Why do we need It?

If we talk about constraints that stop Instagram to be the greatest; there are many. For instance, you can’t download pictures and reels, are unable to stop Instagram from collecting your data for analytics, impotent to hide your liked post from followers, and most importantly unable to hide the status of typing and seeing messages.

So, aero insta apk helps you to overcome all these limitations. You can download pictures and reels with one tap, hide your typing, and see a status. Moreover, you are eligible to stop aero Instagram apk from collecting your data for analytics analysis. Furthermore, the aero Instagram app allows you to protect privacy more heedfully with a better UI/UX experience than Instagram.

Is Aero Insta Apk safe?

Having used it for well over a year, I can say that I haven’t come across any suspicious activities so far. I don’t find it suspicious, but there’s a lingering thought that it might be selling data on the black market. Sadly, there’s no concrete way to verify this unless we get an insight into the specifics of their data collection.

Based on my personal experience, I haven’t encountered any negative incidents. However, the only drawback I’ve noticed is that the app tends to drain my battery significantly, even when it’s not in use. As a solution, I’ve had to limit its background usage.

When it comes to closed-source apps, my level of trust is somewhat reserved. Therefore, I’m inclined to be cautious and lean towards a more skeptical stance. Just because some users haven’t noticed any issues doesn’t necessarily guarantee the app’s complete safety. It’s always wise to remain vigilant and consider potential risks.

AeroInsta Apk Review

I’ve been using AeroInsta for a few months now, and overall, it’s been a solid experience. However, I did notice that the ad-blocking feature seems to be a bit wonky. Despite hoping for fewer ads, I’ve been seeing about the same amount as before – both in my feed and in stories. If you were thinking of trying AeroInsta just for ad-blocking, you might want to reconsider.

I also gave AeroInsta a shot, but I did notice that it drained my battery more compared to the regular app. Instander doesn’t seem to have this issue, which is a plus.

Speaking of AeroInsta’s performance, I find it to be better than the standard version. It suits my preferences, although it’s worth noting that you might not receive updates as frequently as you would with the stock version.

All in all, AeroInsta has its ups and downs. While there are some drawbacks like ad blocking and battery drain, it does offer certain benefits that might make it a worthwhile choice for some users. Just remember to weigh the pros and cons before making your decision.

Features Of Aero Instagram Apk:

Remove Liked Posts

Ability to hide the posts you like before.

Download Anything

Download reels, images, and videos. Anything you like!

Super Privacy

Hide “seen”, “view on stories”, and “remove liked post”

Download Every Single Thing

Instagram often presents captivating content that we wish to save, yet find ourselves unable to do so. Here, Aero Insta APK steps in as a hero, granting us the ability to effortlessly download everything from the Instagram realm. This includes stories, reels, IGTV videos, and images – a treasure of content just by tapping 3 times.

Hide Ads

In our daily online journey, you might observe a growing influx of advertisements on various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Unfortunately, many of these ads tend to be unrelated and, quite frankly, bothersome. Enter Aero, our guardian of peaceful browsing, gifting us the power to bid farewell to the usual barrage of ads; both those that pop up in our feeds and sneak into our stories. This cool feature brings us a calmer and happier time online, helping us pay attention to what really counts in the midst of all the online commotion.

Disable Analytics:

Many of us aren’t too keen on sharing our info with social media apps, no matter the reasons they give. Even when they promise our data is safe, we might still have doubts. Instagram takes our info (like what we like) to show us ads and stuff. It’s fine for some, but it could be a bit risky. That’s where AeroInsta APK comes in. It helps us stop our data from being gathered by turning off analytics. This way, we’re in control and our privacy stays protected. It’s a simple way to make sure our info stays ours, and we can enjoy Instagram without any worries.

Privacy Control:

In our modern times, privacy stands as a big worry. Instagram does try to help, but sometimes it falls short. We often want extra measures. With Aero Insta, you get added benefits. You can hide stories, live streams, and whether you’re typing or “seen” a message. Plus, you can check if someone follows you by just visiting their profile.

Privacy matters, and AeroInsta offers a range of features to keep your actions discreet. With these settings, you can enjoy social media with peace of mind, knowing your online activities remain your business.

Conceal Read Messages

Worried about leaving messages on “read”? AeroInsta respects your privacy by letting you hide the “seen” notification. Keep your conversations discreet and prevent others from knowing when you’ve read their messages.

Mask Typing Activity

Ever started typing a response and changed your mind? AeroInsta has your back. Say goodbye to the awkwardness of “typing” alerts in your DMs. With AeroInsta, you control what others see.

Stealthy Story Viewing

Tired of getting bombarded with DMs after viewing stories? Stay incognito with AeroInsta. View stories without the owner knowing, avoiding those post-view messages that can be a bit too much.

Anonymous Live Watching

Curious about someone’s live stream? AeroInsta lets you observe unnoticed. Slip into a live stream, and the “Ghost Viewer” sign lets you know you’re hidden. Don’t worry; it keeps viewer counts under wraps too.

And that’s not all. You also have the power to undo likes on posts you’ve liked before. It’s like having more control over what you share and see, making your time on Instagram safer and more personal.

Other Handy Features Of AeroInsta Apk:

There are many numbers of handy features that help you to experience great UI/UX of Aero Apk

·       Upload Images in full Quality.

Normally images or pictures is the reason Instagram is famous. But, most likely images get compressed when we upload them. Aero Insta APK changes that! Now, we can upload pictures in their full, or almost full, beauty. This means your special photos can shine bright and clear. With Aero Insta, your moments stay just as amazing as you remember them, and you can share them with everyone in all their glory.

·       Swipe Navigation

Aero Insta apk allows us to enable or disable swipe navigation. Ability to swipe left to right to open the camera or from left to right to open DMs.

·       In-App Browser

Permits you to open links through a browser installed on your mobile rather than In-app browsers.

·       Video Autoplay

Allow you to disable or enable autoplay videos.

·       Disable auto skip stories

If your stories contain much reading content then this is handy for you.

·       Remove Black Border

Most of the time you want to hide black borders from to get a better view of your story. Fortunately, aeroinsta apk allows you to do so.

·       Stories of crop prevention

Now upload stories without getting cropped.

·       Long tap to zoom

It provides the ability to zoom by just tapping long.

·       Different Modes

I have discovered that people are searching for “insta aero dark blue” and “aero Instagram dark red”. So, I want to clarify that there is no sure thing actually dark red and dark blue is aeroinsta’s modes. You can also select black and gold modes.


No, it doesn’t


Yes, they all are the same.

It isn’t open source so you can’t trust it 100%. Refrain from providing payments and other personal info.


Aeroinsta APK stands out as a viable option among the alternatives to Instander APK for PC users. While it may not match the full range of features that Instander offers, Aeroinsta manages to bring a slice of Instander’s functionality to the table. It’s quite a rarity to stumble upon modified Instagram apps akin to Aero Instagram.

What adds to its appeal is that the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are reminiscent of the familiar Instagram interface. In other words, when you use Aeroinsta, you’ll feel right at home, as if you’re using the original application. This seamless integration lends a sense of comfort and assurance, making your transition to Aeroinsta smooth and hassle-free.

Although Aeroinsta doesn’t replicate every aspect of Instander, it does carve out a niche for itself as a worthy contender, bridging the gap between modified Instagram experiences and the familiarity of the original platform. Moreover, UI and UX are the same as Instagram you will not find that you are using any 3rd party application.

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