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Instagram is one of the grossing social media applications. But all the content (Photos, IGTV, and Reels) available on Instagram can’t be downloaded. You can download all media content of Instagram using the Instander mod apk. Furthermore, there are more limitations imposed by Instagram. Now, You can download anything, block Ads, and stay anonymous.

Yes, download Instander mod apk. You can’t hide that you have read the message and you can’t hide your view on stories, and even more, you don’t have smart gestures. One can do all these tasks by downloading instander. The world has become more connected than ever before. Introduction of social apps like telegram, Facebook (now META), Instagram, and WhatsApp; These apps have left the print media behind. Moreover, they are providing the right of highlighting every issue through Photos, Videos, and other means.

What Is Instander Mod Apk?

NameInstander Mod
Size54 MB
Updated onMay 16, 2023

Instander Mod APK is like a magical key that unlocks extra features on Instagram. You know those times when you really want to download a cool picture or video, but regular Instagram won’t let you? Well, Instander is here to save the day! With Instander, you can easily download images and videos that you love. And don’t even get me started on IGTV videos – they’re usually off-limits, but not with Instander.

Plus, with the new Reels feature on Instagram, things get even more exciting. Instander lets you enjoy Reels to the fullest, making your Instagram experience even better. So, if you’ve been dreaming of getting more out of Instagram, Instander Mod APK is the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.

Fascinating Features of Instander Mod Apk

This instamod is used by myself and the UX/UI of this instamod is the same as the original Instagram. I have never felt that I am using any mod version. All the features I have described above are wonderful but there are more features that make you insist to download and install this wonderful application.


Filters and effects


Reels (Short videos)


Saved Posts

follow and unfollow

Follow and unfollow users

Download Photos/Videos/Reels:

If you’re fond of sharing memes, random videos, and pictures, this is huge for you. Instead of using 3rd party Instagram downloader instander mod apk allows you to download anything on your phone (not on the application) while using your actual account. Moreover, it doesn’t pose silly advertisements with 20-second timers.

High-Quality Media:

You might have got disappointed when you uploaded a photo on Instagram because “insta shed down pixels”. But, now with the instander mod apk you can upload max-quality images, reels, IGTV’s videos, and stories.

Upload your media without any fear of losing pixels by just tapping “Photos in max quality” (option).

Developer option

Within the array of features it offers, Instagram Instander APK prominently boasts a pivotal attribute: the developer mode. This significant aspect empowers you to adjust various settings within the app, allowing for personalized modifications. For instance, you can prompt Instander to exhibit the progress bar, display previews in the tray, and even switch off disruptive ads. This functionality extends to you a higher degree of control and personalization over your Instander experience, effectively transforming it into a tool tailored to your preferences. By embracing the developer mode, you’re not merely engaging with an application – you’re stepping into the role of a curator for your digital interactions, shaping them according to your distinct tastes and necessities.

No Ads:

Usually, every platform is inducting ads, but it’s getting a little annoying. Moreover, it drains your internet data (to load ads pictures and videos). You will have no ads issue while using instander mod apk. Also, one can disable ads manually from the settings.

Messages Control:

Sometimes you don’t want some individuals to reply to your post and even you can’t block them. This instamod provides you with these reply options; “Disable them”, “to everyone” and “people you know.

Ghost Mode:

There are 3 important features that ghost mode possesses;

· Disable Typing Indication

Ghost mode lets you disable typing status while you are writing or typing a message to anyone in instander mod apk.

· Hiding View on Stories

If you want to see someone’s stories but don’t want others to perceive your view then this application is best for you.

· Hide Read Status In instander mod apk

Not good at responding instantly? Neither you want to hurt someone by this act nor you easily get attracted to content and forget to reply. “Hide read status” is meant for you. Moreover, it is helpful, if you are running a business account.

Smart Gesture:

It’s the feature that provides ease in the usability of Instander mod apk. You can rather swipe left or right to navigate between pages, zoom out by long tapping and give a like on photos by double tapping. Moreover, you can disable this feature manually.

Analytics And Bugs Report:

Using this, users can choose to disable analytics preventing data or information collected from their in-app activity from getting analyzed. Also, you can choose to turn this on if you’re looking to create a better user-based experience.

Having this large database and more exciting features, sometimes applications get crashed but don’t worry you can report crashes or glitches to instander support.

Sharing in Instander Mod Apk:

With this amazing sharing control, one will able to share your feed post on their stories. This thing also applies to sharing your stories, photos, reels, and IGTV videos from the story as a message. Even you can toggle (on/off) manually.

Other Handy Features

  • You can hide Stories from certain people instander mod apk.
  • Save photos, videos, and stories to archive if lacking space on your mobile.
  • You will get the same wide content to search same like the original Instagram.
  • Discover new people using your contact number.
  • You can watch stories in full-screen size and also you can crop stories.
  • Hide liked posts and instamod allows apps in the browser.
  • Even more, you can disable auto-playing videos to save internet data.

 These settings can get on/off manually.


Actually, both are the same apps along with the same features.

Yes, you can access your Instagram account via Instanter. Instander is no different!

No, you can easily install instander without rooting.

Yes, it gets automatic updates even the good thing is that it gets frequent updates.

How to Download Instander Mod Apk?

  1. Click download button 

  2. If it directs you to Mediafire, download from there

  3. If downloading begins directly, wait for downloading. Click the downloaded app then it will download to your system.

  4. For instance, if it doesn’t get downloaded, enable “download from unknown source” from mobile settings.


Instander Mod APK introduces a range of enticing features that extend beyond the capabilities of the official Instagram app. With options like media downloads, theme customization, enhanced privacy settings, story anonymity, and more, users can tailor their Instagram experience to suit their preferences.

However, it’s important to exercise caution and be aware of potential risks associated with using modified apps. While Instander Mod APK offers unique functionalities, users should prioritize the security of their devices and accounts. Making an informed decision and weighing the benefits against potential drawbacks will guide users in determining whether Instander Mod APK aligns with their needs and preferences in the dynamic realm of social media.

We are so grateful to the developer who built an amazing modified version of Instagram (instander mod apk). Before this, we were downloading images and videos from 3rd party applications which were equipped with heavy advertisements.

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