How to Use Instander? – Easy steps guide

The buzz-related instander getting really out of hand. Its crazy features are super useful, making it versatile to use. Using is the same as Instagram, the only difference are the additional features, ghost mode, and developer mode that instander is offering.

Obviously, the more the features are to move the location to use them. So, how to use instander? Let’s locate the settings.

Instander’s Guide:

Downloading an Image or Reel

Whenever you want to edit or delete a post on Instagram you always try to locate this 3 doted symbol to access its options. Similarly, in Instander tap on the three dotted symbols and you will see a download choice.

Furthermore, in the newer Instander’s version, you can locate the download symbol below the post.

Removing Ads on Instander

  • You need to access Developer mode to remove ads.
  • Go to Instander settings
  • Tap on developer mode and enable developer mode
  • Also, tap on “Get MobileConfig” and update it
  • Wait for a while and it will show you this message
  • Press and hold the home button (you will enter developer mode)
  • Tap on the quick experiment
  • Now search for “use mobile”
  • Disable the given option and restart the app (by removing it from recent).

Ghost Mode in Instander Apk

Ghost mode is a super controller of privacy in Instander. It let you hide your view (your profile) from the stories, disable typing and read status.

  1. Go to app settings.
  2. Tap on the Instander setting.
  3. Tap on ghost mode and toggle on/off your intended option.

Quality Improvements:

By default, Instagram compresses your files (images, stories, and reels) when you upload them. In order to post your media in high quality, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the instanter setting
  2. Tap on Quality improvements. Now choose the desired options


 It is fun but must download it from a safer place. Moreover, you can do many more things, like open up the profile picture at full width by pressing and holding on to the profile picture. Also, developer mode is like customizing according to your preference. Instander apk will allow you many things which you had intended on Instagram. I hope I have satisfied you with ” how to use Instander?”

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