Instander Alternative – From User’s Perspective [2024]

Usually, people used to download pictures and videos from Instagram through external apps, and typically those external apps were full of ads and ask me if they make you a hell of irritation. Now the time has changed, and many platform or mid-level developing firms launched multiple clones of Instagram.

It is implied that you are aware of one or two modified versions of Instagram. For me, AeroInsta and InstaPro Apk are the best instander alternative, they both have similar rich features, better UX/UI and are more like Instagram. Moreover, AeroInsta is much more stable, reliable, and fun to use than Instander.

There are many mods of Instagram available under many names under InstaPro and AeroInsta are the only modded versions of Instagram which are legit and have official support available.

Best Instander Alternatives

I have compiled a list on behalf of different users’ recommendations and my experience.

AeroInsta Apk

instander alternative

AeroInsta is one of the best instander alternatives available on the internet. Quality-wise, it has all the necessities that an app must offer. if talk about features it has all the features that are already present in Instander.

Download Every Single Thing

Like every other app, it has a downloading feature to download any media-related content.

Hide Ads

Similar to Instander, you can turn off ads from the settings

Disable Analytics:

If you don’t want AeroInsta to collect your data to get analytics results for your help you are allowed to disable analytics.

Privacy Control:

Privacy is super controlled, a user can hide his “seen status”, or “typing status”, and watch anyone’s story without being seen.

Download Images In Full Quality.

A user can upload high-definition pictures and videos but the only flaw is that your friend on original Instagram will be unable to see that picture or video at high resolution. 

 In-App Browser

This isn’t a unique feature but Aeroinsta supports this function.

Disable Auto Skip Stories

Through developer mode, this app enables a user to disable auto skip functionality.

Instapro apk

instander altervative

This app has the most features compared to both Instander and AeroInsta Apk. Instander and Instapro are too much alike, there are only a few differences InstaPro has over instander:

  • Instagram has more features than Instander
  • It crashes barely while Instander crashes more.

App lock

The app lock feature in Instamod allows you to secure and protect the instapro app with any password your device is capable of (pin, pattern, and fingerprint/face-lock)

Download Stories & Media

InstaPro APK lets you download any media file to save photos, videos, and other media content directly to your phone.

By long pressing on an image or video within the Instagram feed, story, or direct message, a download option will appear.

In-app browse

Any link can be opened internally in Instamod.

Translate – Supports Google and Yandex translation engine

Users can translate text, comments, captions, or any other written content on Instamod from one language to another.

After enabling, you just need to tap on a translation button or select the text you want to translate within the app.


As compared to its competitors privacy control of Instamod is equivalent to Instander and AeroInsta. It provides all the functionalities and handy elements which are offered by them.

Unfollowing tracker

This feature is unique and helps you to keep track (notify) of the accounts you follow but who might have unfollowed you in return.

Copy comments

It allows you to copy the comment of another user which isn’t present on Instagram

Copy user bio

As you are not allowed to select or copy any plain text on the original Insta but InstaPro permits you to copy anyone’s bio easily.

My Choice – Which Would I Choose?

I would clearly without a doubt go for AeroInsta Apk. It has a premium UX/UI display, is more stable than both Instander and Instapro, and has active official support. These attributes crown it as the best instander alternative.

If you just want to enjoy the features and don’t want a long-term use Instapro is good for you. Indeed, it has more features than its competitor but it lacks a premium look.

Furthermore, Instander itself is a good app (if it solves its crash issues), the only advantage it has over Instander and InstaPro is that Instander gets more frequent updates. 

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