Instander Features – Why You Should Install this Apk?

More or less you would be aware of Instander that’s why you are searching for instander features. But if you are new to this app, interested in downloading instander, and want to know more about this app, then tour the “instander download” page. Moreover, you should need to be aware of the fact that instander should be downloaded from a legit source else it will infect your device with a virus.

Downloading videos and images, No ads, Ghost mode, HQ Media, and better privacy control are the most essential features of instander. Therefore, lets see how they work.

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Instander Features In-Depth:


Instander features

Now you don’t need third-party apps to download pictures and reels from Instagram. Instander allows you to download images and reels.

Better Privacy Control

Better privacy Control

One of the best features of instander is its leverage over privacy control. You can view stories, and write and read messages without letting others know. Moreover, you can hide your accounts from specific users just like Instagram.

Furthermore, if one wants to limit replies on your post ( allow chosen ones only to reply) you can apply this too.

No Advertisements

No advertisment

Often ads make you irritated. Instander allows you to block ads and enjoy uninterrupted feeds.

Ghost mode

ghost mode

Ghost mode is the ultimate privacy control mode on Instander. It helps in different ways. For instance, if you want to hide your view over any story, it will permit you to do that. Also, it allows you to hide your typing status when you are writing any message and your “seen” status when you view someone’s message. It is one of the important instander features.

Upload High-quality Images

upload high quality images

This app permits you to upload high-definition pictures. Now upload your clicks without getting worried about pixel reduction. Instagram is most likely best for images. But, If you are unable to upload high-definition pictures then what is the use of Instagram?  

Discover Same Users

discover same users

When I discovered Instander and heard about its enriching features the first question that came to mind was, will Instander have all the same users on Instagram? So, yes it has all the same users. You are only getting extra features on your Instagram under the banner of Instander Apk.

Analytic and Bugs Report

nalytic and Bugs repost

Many of us are cautious about our data and one must be. Instagram has access to your data. It uses data to improve user experience and show ads of your liking or taste. It might be good for some people but many of us don’t want to compromise our data with anyone.

Instander permits you to disable sharing of your data and allows you to file a report if the app get crashes or sudden bugs arise.


Misc of instander apk

Cropping stories, disabling auto-play videos, and getting stories in full screens are little help that are useful or sometimes you’re sorely needed. These accessibilities are worthwhile for users when using applications like Instagram.

To download the latest version of Instander please follow this link: Instander Apk


This app has the best UI/UX compared to other alternatives of Instagram. You might forget that you are using Instander after some time. So, uncover all the Instander features and enjoy the ultimate Instagram. The only issue you will face is a crash issue, it crashes a lot when you access developer mode.

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