Instander ios Emoji apk Free Download – Tips and Tricks

You must be aware of instander that’s why you are here! Instander apk is one of the best alternatives to Instagram. Downloading images/reels, privacy control, uploading images in HD, and Ads free feeds weren’t easy before to get. Thanks to this adapted apk, who made it possible! In spite of these useful features, there is “developer mode” that allows you to get full control over Instander.

Instander iOS emojis aren’t available on Android and obviously, can’t be used on Instander. So, I will teach you how to get Instander ios emoji apk on your Android mobile.

How to Get Android Instander ios Emojis (Apk)?

  • Download the file from the given telegram link. Download link (
  • Turn on VPN if a server doesn’t allow you to go on telegram.
  • The file will ask password, type 35.
  • Go to Mobile setting then search for system settings
  • Change region to Myanmar.
  • An option named “support dia characters” will be available after changing location to Myanmar.
  • Enable support dial and you are ready to use latest Instander ios emoji (apk).
  • If you don’t get ios emoji after enabling “support dia characters” go to your keyboard setting > select app info > Tap on Storage and then Clear data.

Note: You will get only few of ios emoji’s

instander ios emoji apk

You may want to visit: Developer Mode Option

Bonus Trick: How to Share Reels Like “IOS Rounded Edge”

In order to share round edge reels, follow the following steps

Go to instander settings

instander ios emoji

Tap on developer mode and enable developer mode

instander ios emoji

Also, tap on “Get MobileConfig” and update it

instander ios emoj

Wait for a while and it will show you this message

instander ios emoji

Restart the app and remove it from recent too

Press and hold the home button until these settings show up

Go to “Metaconfig setting & Overrides” and search for “clips video”

instander ios emoji

Enable all the given options and then search for mention and enable that one option too

instander ios emoji
instander ios emoji

Now restart the app and you are good to go!


These tricks are mainly for useful purposes. Moreover, the searches I told you to type are case-sensitive. For instance, typing “Clips Video” instead of “clips video” will show you different results. It might impact the trick.

Keep remembering that you will get only a few Instander ios emoji apk. Moreover, I am searching for a trick to get Instander apk on ios devices currently it isn’t possible but I am trying to dig out any way to access Instander on ios devices. Keep visiting my blogs!

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