Instander vs Instapro – Pros, Cons, and Users Review.

With time more and more modified applications of different numbers of applications are launching even though some apps have more than one modified application. Likewise, we have instander apk and instapro both of which are adapted apps of Instagram. It is stupid to use both versions for a single objective so, it is wise to crown up one of them. Moreover, a single user can’t tell all the pros and cons of an app therefore we will include reviews of other users in our comparison (Instander vs InstaPro).

If talk about instander is a more widely used app than Instapro. Instander apk has better UI/UX (alike Instagram). Moreover, Instander allows you more features while Instapro doesn’t has features like Ghost mode and developer mode option which make Instander super handy. But this is it? No, every app has pros and cons let’s dive into them.

Instander vs Instapro Vs Aero Instapro – User Reviews

instander vs instapro

instander vs instapro

instander vs instapro

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Features – Instander VS Instapro

Instander Apk

  • Download Pictures And Videos
  • Privacy Control
  • Media And UI/UX
  • Discover Same Accounts
  • Developer Mode (disable ads and autoplay videos, Crop stories, and get stories in full screen.)

Instapro Apk

  • App lock
  • Download Stories & Media
  • In-app browse
  • Translate – Supports Google and Yandex translation engine
  • Privacy 
  • Unfollowing tracker
  • Copy comments.
  • Copy user bio

Detailed Review

Instander Apk

It lets you do customization on instander like hiding ads, adding a time tag on “seen status” and a progress bar on reels.It crashes a lot which makes user irritated sometimes
Better UX/UI than InstaProCustomization through developer mode causes crashes many times
Finer privacy control options
it gets more frequent updates than Instapro apk

InstaPro Apk

Hardly get crash.Menu and theme look old.
Provide a good user experience.Get fewer updates.
Rest is the same as Instander, even it has more features than instander.

Which one to Choose?

If you want uninterrupted surfing, choose instander. Instander’s developer helps you to disable ads and buttons that disturb your feeds. While on the other hand, instapro is good but it doesn’t has developer mode alike option, if you want more features choose Instapro but I think instander is offering enough features. Moreover, the big issue that users are suffering is, frequent crashes especially when accessing the comment section and applying new settings through developer mode.

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Final Thoughts

Both are good apps and both have different pros and cons. Indeed, Instander vs Instapro is a tough call. However, I believe another wonderful application is available; if you want to download the best-modified app for Instagram, go for AeroInsta. It crashes less, is more stable than both, and provides a better user experience. Moreover, AeroInsta’s developer has a proper site where you can download and learn about new updates and issues. If you ask about which one is more secure, there is no surety about third-party apps therefore, it is hard to say anything about safety.  

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