What is Instander? – Instagram MOD With Extra Features

Instagram has attracted many people throughout the world. Instagram has nearly 2 billion users making it 4th largest social media network. I am sure you are an Instagram user too. Indeed, Instagram is competing well with other apps by introducing reels, different snap effects, and other accessibility. But is this sufficient for users? You might disagree but Instagram isn’t ample for me because it lacks some most useful features that are in instander.

So, what is instander? It is an Instagram-modified application with better privacy control, media optimization, and download capability. Instander apk isn’t an official application from Meta it is developed by a third-party developer. Moreover, it has a user interface similar to Instagram and doesn’t feel like a low-quality app even though you will hardly know as you are using a modified app.

Instander Bugs in Latest version

The latest version of instander apk in 17.2. Despite wealthy features it has bugs, every Apk application does have bugs.


  • Added Monet theme for Android 12+;
  • Added disabling the Monet theme;
  • Fixed Feed loading on some devices;
  • Fixed Reels download button;
  • Fixed Alte & Hoefler New fonts;
  • Raised the target SDK to 33.


  • Feeds don’t load up
  • DM section keeps getting stuck
  • Crashes issue
  • Sometimes no download option comes up

What is instander in my view? – Review!

I’ve been using this app for a while now, and overall, it’s been good. Although there were a couple of times when the app crashed while I was trying to see comments or change settings in the developer mode. Despite that, the app has some really cool features that make Instagram even better.

With these extra features, it’s like having a supercharged Instagram. You can easily save videos and pictures, use the ghost mode (which is really neat), do things with gestures, and there’s even something for improving quality.

In simple terms, the Instander APK mod makes Instagram more awesome without all the usual limits. And here’s a bonus: it gets updates more often than other modified Instagram versions. That means you can enjoy a better and more current experience.

To download the latest version of Instander please follow this link: Instander Apk

Features Of Instander:

It offers you unique features that make it “Super Instagram”. You can download images/reels, post images and videos in max quality, and get finer control over your privacy.


what is instander

IGTV and reels are fun parts of Instagram. But, in the regular app, you can only keep reels or videos in the app itself. With Instander apk, you can actually download IGTV videos and reels, which I really like. It’s a cool feature!

Instander Ghost mode


Disable Typing Indication

Within Ghost Mode, you gain the power to conceal your “typing” status as you compose messages in the Instander app. Your conversations remain private and discreet.

Hide View on Stories

Unveil the ability to watch someone’s stories without letting them know. Ghost Mode allows you to enjoy stories without leaving any trace of your presence, ensuring your viewing remains discreet.

Hide Read Status 

Are instant responses not your style? Whether you’re managing time or simply prefer a more thoughtful approach, “Hide read status” has you covered. This feature shields you from the pressure of immediate replies and is especially valuable for business accounts seeking controlled communication. Embrace Ghost Mode and embrace a new level of interaction.

Discover Same Accounts

Confused about whether you can find the same accounts on Instander as you do on Instagram? Rest assured, you’ll indeed discover the very same accounts and pages. Instander mirrors Instagram’s content while offering additional features, making it a familiar yet enhanced experience.

Media optimization

what is instander

Have you ever felt a bit sad when your Instagram photos didn’t look as good as you hoped? Well, that’s because sometimes Instagram makes your pictures a bit fuzzy. But guess what? With the cool instander, you can now upload your photos in the best quality possible. Not just photos, but also awesome reels, IGTV videos, and stories!

No need to worry about losing any of those sharp details. All you have to do is tap on “Photos in max quality” and your media will look fantastic. Say goodbye to fuzzy photos and hello to super clear ones!

Instander Developer Mode

what is instander

Now you can customize different settings by using developer mode. Among its many features, Instagram Instander APK shines a spotlight on a special tool: the developer mode. This cool feature lets you tweak different settings in the app to make it just the way you like it. For example, you can make Instander show a progress bar, give you sneak peeks in the tray, and even say goodbye to annoying ads. This means you get more say in how Instander works for you. It’s like you’re not just using an app, you are becoming a digital designer, customizing things to match what you love and need. So, with the developer mode, you’re not just a user; you are the boss of your own Instander adventure!

Can we use Instander Via Instagram Account?

It has all information about your Instagram account, you can access Instander via your Instagram account. Moreover, there are two versions of the instander apk you must know about. Clone and Unclone apk.


To sum it up, I tried my best to depict what is instander apk. Instander brings a breath of fresh air to the Instagram experience. With its array of features, from seamless media downloading to enhanced privacy controls and the empowering developer mode, Instander offers a comprehensive and personalized way to engage with the platform. It’s more than just an app; it’s a tool that empowers you to curate your digital interactions according to your preferences. So, dive into the world of Instander and unlock a new level of Instagram engagement where you’re in control.

Indeed it is a great application but refrain from using it for payment methods and other crucial information. The thing is, instander is safe but it is good practice to avoid sharing your meaningful information with third-party apps. Also, try aeroInsta which is another good alternative to Instagram, you will never find a crash issue in aeroinsta.

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